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A Public Forum on Queer Investing Habits

On September 26th, 2002, braving the remains of Tropical Storm Isidore, the club held it's first public forum. Our panelist from Trillium Asset Management, Shelley Alpern, was prevented from flying down from Boston due to unexpected illness. She did manage to send her remarks, which were summarized. Walter Schubert of Gay Financial Network was unable to attend because he was in transit, in Ohio. Despite the rains, there was a good turnout. Thankfully, our panelist portfolio was diversified enough to weather the storm.

Jennifer Hatch, of Christopher Street Financial, held sway over the crowd. She gave sage advice about balanced financial portfolios and provided insight from her years on Wall Street, before being a co-owner of her present firm. Bernie Rubin, an attendee from a Brooklyn-based investment club, was "ShangHai-ed" into sitting on the panel at the last minute. He not only gave a different perspective, but also proved to be a very good sport.

Thanks to Shelley's tip-off, we invited Diane Bratcher on the day of the event. Diane had just started managing the Mayor's Pension Fund, and has been tenured in shareholder activism, having headed the Equality Project and the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsiblity. This rounded out the discussions quite well.

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