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We are the first socially-responsible, openly-gay Investment Club.

Over ten years ago, several members of the New York Bankers Group decided it was time to form an investment club, taking gay issues into consideration for its stock selections. After researching, the group formed in the model suggested by the National Association of Investors Corporation (NAIC).

Some of the membership came from Wall Street and wanted to get more involved in the gay community. Others had been activists but wanted to learn more about investments. The synergy worked. The group succeeded with their investing, earning much more than they expected.

Much publicity was later given to the Beardstown Ladies, a Midwestern group that publicized their success through a book or two and coverage in the Wall Street Journal. We exceeded their success, and our books have been scrutinized.

We welcome you to come learn more about the club, if you're in New York. Otherwise, email us for more information. We meet monthly, and are driven on the long-term goal of doubling our money every five years.



Date Last Modified: 9/30/2002